McAfee Knob Hike

I hiked up to McAfee Knob yesterday with Laura. Before we could even set off on our hike though, David Tate from ABC 13 interviewed us in the parking lot where the Appalachian Trail crosses Route 311. David was doing a story on the Department of Agriculture’s warning to people using the National Forest System to watch out for marijuana grows. We didn’t make the story but you can watch the news clip here on ABC 13’s website. The hike took about two hours to get to McAfee Knob, which is one of the most photographed spots on the Appalachian Trail. At the top we met some hippies named Rainbow and Firestarter who were hiking the entire trail to Maine. It was a great hike with perfect weather, but we definitely should have brought some water because we were struggling towards the end of the day.

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